Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free)

almond chocolate chunk cookies

I was very excited about these cookies. In our attempt to a healthier diet, being gluten free, processed sugar free and mostly dairy free, I tried my hand on Paleo baking and it was a success! Continue reading

Three Things I Love About My Favourite City

Southbank, London, UK

I spent a year in London while I studied filmmaking and fell in love with this city. I have traveled to over 20 countries and many more cities, and London still remains my favourite. I truly loved everything about it (except for how expensive it was.) I haven’t visited since 2009 and I would love to go back.

It is hard to just pick just 3 things, but here are three things I love about London: Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #34


This week seemed to have more small pleasures than usual, totaling 8, and about several different things.  Continue reading

Doors Around The World

Pick your toilet style. India.

Doors are a cool subject to photograph around the world. I don’t make it a point to do so, but I found a few that I took across my travels. The photo above is one of my favorite pictures. I like it’s simplicity but it tells a story, a story of culture, and I love the colors.

Doors can tell a lot about the place that they lead to. Continue reading

25 More Things I Did Before Turning 25

Dad and I taking a walk in India, (circa 1995)

When I finished my first list, I realized there were more things I wanted to include, so I made a second list.

It is nice to reminisce about the big and small, the fun, the accomplishing, and the brave things I have done in my life. There are many of these that I had forgotten about or rarely think about up until I started proactively thinking about points to add to the list. Even if you haven’t traveled far, I am sure many of you can sit down and think about many things you have overcome or felt proud of in your life, even if it was a small thing in the eyes of others. I invite you to make your own list and do it either privately or share it.

So here’s my next 25: Continue reading

25 Things I Did Before Turning 25

Mom and I in Paris. (2007)

I recently came across Gandhironak blog post and since I am 25 now, I was inspired to write my own. You can do a lot in a quarter of a decade, but I can’t even imagine all the other things I will do in the next 25 years.

So before I turn 26, here are 25 things I did before turning 25: Continue reading

Cucumber Mango Green Smoothie

I just love smoothies with cucumber. They add a wonderful freshness to it, and anything with mango is delicious in my book. Then add some banana and some cashews for creaminess and nutritional value and you got yourself a great morning smoothie.  Continue reading