My A to Z of Travel


A fun travel questionnaire I grabbed from Isabel’s blog at The Sunny Side of ThisContinue reading

Monthly Best Of: June 2015


This month was big on food! Most of the top posts are food related with a pinch of travel. A little more than a pinch, more like a tablespoon. It was also a good month for my viewer statistics so it looks like y’all like food, maybe as much as I do.

In terms of my life, June was also big on food because I tried no kitchen experiments including canning for the first time and making corn tortillas from scratch. So good! Summer definitely hit and the heat is here. I made progress with my phyiscal side too, my biggest accomplishment being a workout that consisted of sprinting 800 meters 5 times with 2 min of rest in between each. It was a killer. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do the whole thing but I did with a total time, including rest, of 34 minutes. Yay me!

Now onto the best posts of June! Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #55


Somehow I always end up doing all-day cooking projects on the hottest weekends. It was really productive though. Here are my small pleasures of the week: Continue reading

Tiny Around The World

tulip farm oregon tractor

I have to say I love tiny things. It may be because I’m pretty tiny myself and identify haha! Either way I always find amusement in tiny things and my husband likes to tell people that when we met I told him I was fun-size.

But sometimes things that aren’t tiny can look tiny based on distance perspective. A lot of these photos will be in that category. Enjoy tiny around the world! Continue reading

Homemade Corn Tortillas Recipe

homemade corn tortillas14

I waited 26 years of my life to make corn tortillas from scratch and I was sure missing out. They are also not that time-consuming as you would think. It’s simpler than making bread and you only need 3 ingredients including salt and water! Continue reading

How To Use An Eastern Toilet

Pick your toilet style. India.

If you have been to both sides of the world you probably know what an Eastern and a Western toilet look like, possibly unfortunately. If not, I shall shed some light and some tips on how to use an Eastern toilet, aka the squat toilet.  Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #54

june collage

This week was a bit different. Our landlords/housemates who bought this giant house, formerly a 1900’s schoolhouse, was not a residential property and they have worked the past year on making it one. This week, the final inspection to get the residential permit was happening and we had to make our apartment look like no one was living here. We move all the furniture, took everything down and hid the cats. We decided to hang out at a bakery in the meantime. When we came back we got the good news. The house is officially a legal residence. The inspector didn’t even come check our basement apartment because he said had an ingrown nail that really hurt and he didn’t want to walk too much haha! Continue reading