This Week’s Small Pleasures

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1. I went grocery shopping and my total was $111 but then, the cashier typed something on her keyboard and randomly gave me $10 off. I don’t know why and she didn’t even tell me. She simply did it and it was awesome.

2. I got to have  a wonderful breakfast with my hubby in Downtown Portland on Friday because I was going to be taking the train to the airport a couple of blocks from where he works. Continue reading

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I’m Off To Where I’m From – Mexico City + Acapulco

Sunset in Acapulco, Mexico

Sunset in Acapulco, Mexico

Tomorrow, I am flying from Portland to Mexico City, my hometown, for a 9 day trip to visit family and friends. I have dropped by for a visit a couple times in the last couple of years, but this time I will be spending most of my trip in AcapulcoContinue reading

Cantaloupe Turmeric Smoothie

cantaloupe smoothie4

This smoothie will brighten your day as you blend together cantaloupe, green grapes, turmeric and mint. It is packed with vitamins and minerals to give your body a healthy boost. Continue reading

Yonderlist: Your Go-To Website For Travel Ratings


You know how you like seeing the ratings for a movie before watching it on Netflix or going to the theater to see it? Well,  you can do that with travel too thanks to Yonderlist, a website where real travelers and expats rate real places.  Continue reading

An All-American Rodeo Experience in The Dalles, Oregon

the dalles oregon rodeo10

This was my first time at an American rodeo or any kind of rodeo. It was quite an experience. We visited The Dalles, Oregon this summer and and we found out that the big annual rodeo was happening that night so we decided to go.  It was a spontaneous decision, we didn’t know much about it but we decided to immerse in the culture a bit instead of have dinner at a nice restaurant.

The event was called The Fort Dalles Days Pro Rodeo. Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures


I was gonna skip this week’s small pleasures because at first I thought there weren’t really any, but then I gave it a little bit of thought and realized that there were.

This is why I started this series, because we usually take for granted or forget the small things that made us smile or happy inside every day. It is nice to remember those things and feel grateful. I invite you to join in with me in this blog event. Scroll down for more info.

The things that made me happy inside this week were: Continue reading