Monthly Best Of: July 2015

best july2015

Apart from a freak accident, dropping a glass jar resulting in 5 stitches in my ankle, this month was pretty chill. I did a lot of cooking. Tried pressure canning for the first time and enjoyed our garden tremendously. I loved being able to harvest my own dinner, mostly. I also got creative in the kitchen. Yesterday, I was in the bathroom at my crossfit gym, and this woman randomly takes out a big ass zucchini from her bag and asks me if I want it. She said she had just picked it, and I accepted, cause why not? I had no idea what to do with it but a few hours later we were eating delicious homemade paleo chocolate zucchini bread.  Continue reading

Street Food of the Philippines

philippines street food

This Southeast Asian country is known but it’s many beautiful beaches, waterfront promenade and centuries-old Chinatown, but don’t let us forget about the food. Their combination of sweet and salty will have your taste buds dancing. Trying the street food should be an adventure in itself as a foreigner.

Next time you are in the Philippines why not try a banana-q which is a whole banana or plantain skewered on a short thin bamboo stick, rolled in brown sugar, a kamote-q which is a peeled sweet potato skewered on a stick, covered in brown sugar and then fried or some fish balls or squid balls which are skewered on bamboo sticks then dipped in a sweet or savory sauce. Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #58


Here are my week’s small pleasures: Continue reading

Driving Etiquette Around the World

driving around the world

Mastering the language or learning the local customs might be quite challenging in foreign countries, but driving in such unfamiliar places can be very intimidating and even a bit scary.

Did you know that in Romania it is illegal to drive in an “excessively dirty” car? Or that in India cows have the right of way?

If you are brave enough to take on driving in a foreign country, it might help to know a few things before doing so. The infographic below might help: Continue reading

Bright Berry Beet Smoothie

I promise, roasted beets are awesome in smoothies. Not only do they make the prettiest color, beets are really good for you! When roasted their natural sweetness comes out and they also taste more delicious. Add berries and a few other ingredients, and you got a super nutritional and tasty smoothie! Continue reading

10 Types of Expats Around The World

types expats

People move abroad for many different reasons. I for one, have moved abroad for 3 different reasons: to the UK for studies, to the US for love and to India for… it’s complicated. My most recent move to the Pacific Northwest, I guess making it reason #4, was supposed to be a temporary visit to renew a visa which ended being a long-term stay. Two months have now turned into two years.

So, are you an expat? If so, what kind? The infographic below lists a few types based on real people.  Continue reading

When Land Meets Water Around The World

victoria bc canada13

Land and water, basically what our planet is made of. When both of these meet, something magical happens. The scenery somehow becomes beautiful and useful for mankind too, whether for leisure or work. They are two completely different things, yet they complement each other so well.  They create a connection that humanity seems to love. It also comes in different forms such as lakes meeting parks, and cities meeting oceans.

I hope you enjoy these photos of land meeting water from across my travels. Continue reading