Embracing Discomfort & What Is A Growth List?


Apparently comfort is for lazy asses and kittens.

Apparently comfort doesn’t buy happiness.

Apparently as humans, we were never meant to be constantly comfortable, because our cavemen ancestors really weren’t.

According to Dennis Corsi’s post, comfort is overrated and the statements above are true. He says that in comfort there is no sense of adventure or living life at its fullest. I’m not completely sure if I agree with any of the above, but it made me think.

I mean… If given the (free) choice, I will always prefer flying in First Class than Economy. I’ll embrace the adventure once I land, thanks. Continue reading

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5 More Lunches To Make Your Co-Workers Jealous


A little bit of time ago I shared with you 5 lunches I made for my husband to take to work, below are 5 more to inspire you to make-ahead healthy, nourishing and tasty lunches to go (or eat them at home.)

It’s not a lie when I tell you that I am famous from his lunches amongst his co-workers.  Continue reading

Green Around The World


Amazing greens at the Eno River State Park in North Carolina.

I really like the color green because it depicts nature and its abundance which is found in this planet. It is a natural color that brings peace to our surroundings. Just imagine a world without trees and plants!

Because of its vastness, we can find green pretty much anywhere in the world but its meaning association may vary across nations and it is found in many country’s flags.

For example in Brazil it represents the royal family, in Bangladesh it stands for the lushness of the land and in Mexico it represents independence (beginnings) and now hope and prosperity.

Below is some green I have captured around the world.
Continue reading

Fish & Chips and a 100 Year Old Trolley Ride in the Port City of Astoria, Oregon

astoria oregon trolley8

The Port City of Astoria in Oregon sits at the mouth of the great Columbia River that connects to the ocean.

Two weekends ago, we had no plans and spontaneously decided to drive about an hour and a half to Astoria even though the weather forecast stated “severe weather”. We are nonsensical travelers like that.

Our day trip to Astoria ended up being magical. We ate fresh fish and chips, took a walk along the rails, basked on the perfect chilly sunshine, came across a running historic 100 year old trolley and rode it, walked some more, had a couple of drinks and dessert, and finalized our day by buying our first piece of art for our apartment from an art gallery. It only started pouring rain when we drove back home after 8pm. Continue reading

Broken Around The World

acapulco mexico beach26

The waves breaking in Acapulco.

It is hard to admit when things are broken, especially if that thing is ourselves, but there are broken things all over the world.

Here is a series of broken, or a variation of broken things around the world I’ve visited.  Continue reading

Pacific Northwest Rainbows


Rainbow on the way to Mount Rainier, WA

I have never seen so many rainbows in my life together as I have in the last year in the Pacific Northwest. They still amaze me every time. They are yet one of the many reasons I love it here. Continue reading