Monthly Best Of: February 2015


This month was short. The most exciting part for me is that we joined the Red Cross as volunteers and have met with a few people from the Oregon Trail Chapter, did some training in Disaster Services, and are on our way to soon being part of the action of helping. I really enjoy volunteering and the Red Cross is a great organization, I especially love their core principles like neutrality and impartiality which means they’ll help anyone no matter the race, religion, or anything at all. They are also an independent organization separate from the government, and most of the people in the Red Cross are volunteers. It’s a great community.  Continue reading

Pink Around The World

acapulco milkshakes mexico

A Shake shack in Acapulco, Mexico

When I decided to go through my photo archives to look for pink, I was quite surprised at the amount I found. I thought it would be a rare color but it was more abundant than some of the other common colors I’ve done a photo series about.

The color pink can be associated with many things from innocence and the feminine to charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, and the romantic. Those are pretty bright and positive characteristics. I was even surprised to see how much I wear pink! I am not a girly girl and wouldn’t directly prefer pink clothing but apparently I own quite a few pink garments.

From India, Mexico, the Pacific Northwest and more, I present to you the color pink around the world: Continue reading

Meet Biddy, The Traveling Hedgehog

I first encountered Biddy on the web when my husband shared a link with me last week and it made my whole day! The pictures of Biddy traveling across the Pacific Northwest made me really smile. I could even recognize some places that I have been to. It didn’t take me long to ask the owner’s permission to share Biddy on my blog for all you guys to see this little guy adventuring and enjoying himself tremendously. Continue reading

Homemade Cinnamon Square Crunch Cereal (Paleo, Gluten Free)

paleo cereal8

I fell in love with this recipe after I made it. With all the grocery store cereal being quite unhealthy, and I as a lover of cereal, I was very intrigued about this. It is absolutely delicious by itself and also topped with milk. It was also quite simple to make! I’m excited to share the recipe with you all.  Continue reading

13 Best Travel Movies To Inspire You


Two of my favorite things ever are movies and travel. When you put the two together it is the best way to use up a few hours of the day, possibly inspiring and changing you forever. After all, I did move abroad to study filmmaking, combining two of my passions!

I have seen many movies in my life and just for you I have put up a list of my top 13 travel movies that will take you all around the globe from Australia to Tokyo, Paris, Rome, India and more.  Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #38


I guess this week was kind of uneventful. Tonight are the Oscars and I’m kind of excited because I am a film buff and spent the last month watching lots of Oscar nominated movies. I definitely think Birdman should win Best Picture.

These were my small pleasures: Continue reading

White Around The World

Shadows zigzag at the Museum of Flight, Seattle

A white bridge at the Museum of Flight, Seattle

In honor of the record low temperatures and masses of white snow that the US East Coast has been getting, I present to you a photo collection of the color white around the world from across my travels.

The color of fresh snow and milk, white, can emanate a very peaceful feeling often representing light rather than darkness, purity and cleanliness.

I don’t know about you but some of my favorite simple pleasures in life are freshly clean bed sheets, and milk and cookies. Both featuring the color white or its depiction.

Please enjoy these photos of white places and things I’ve captured from around the globe: Continue reading