Fire Art and Summer S’mores


About three weeks ago we stayed two nights at an amazing airbnb in Washington and had s’mores outside in the fire pit.

The fire was dancing all night and making art. If you look closely, you can find a different “painting” on each of the close up fire pictures. There are some medieval battles, some nudes and some abstracts. At least that’s what I saw! Give it a go. Continue reading

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The Fish Bus of Oregon With Capt. Jonny

fish bus5

In an old school bus festooned with colorful fisherman artifacts, Jonny Rush brings his fresh-frozen, organic fish to customers around Oregon.

For the past 18 years, Rush, who goes by the name “Capt. Jonny,” has been buying fish in bulk from commercial suppliers and selling it in towns across Oregon.

Capt. Jonny sells halibut, sea bass, ling cod and salmon. Continue reading

Containers Around The World

A Ferris Wheel seat containing two lads in Rainier, Oregon.

A Ferris Wheel seat containing two lads in Rainier, Oregon.

If you look, containers are everywhere. Containing things seems to be a necessity to live. It’s such a silly thought, but it’s true.

Check out below different things containing different things around the world from chalk, to animals and people.  Continue reading

The Power of Smell

Jasmine flowers source

Smell is a powerful sense, at least for those who have a good sense of smell unlike my husband who can’t smell anything much to his advantage in many occasions.

With me, it’s a different story. I can smell alright.  Continue reading