Around The World In 15 Snacks

snacks around the world

Snacking is a big part of people’s cultures and everyday lives. Who doesn’t like food that is quick, easy and delicious to eat? And who doesn’t have their favorites? Across the world people snack on very different things, some sweet, some savory and some very bizarre.  Continue reading

5 to 1 – Short Personal Lists


Lists are fun. I don’t know why humans like lists so much, I know I do. I came across these 5 to 1 countdown personal lists over at Liz’s blog Be Love Live and I thought I’d give them a go.  Continue reading

Protein Cacao Snack Truffles

cacao snack truffles

As soon as I tasted these I knew I had to share them with you. I loved them. These protein balls are the perfect post-workout snack or really for any time of day.  They are packed full of healthy and tasty ingredients and are just lightly sweetened with honey. I highly recommend them! Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #67


Now that I’ve rounded up my happy moments of the week it looks like I had a pretty good week. I hope you did too.  Continue reading

Trios Around The World


Sometimes, things come in threes the say. Well I found a few of those trios from across my travels. Enjoy! Continue reading

Why Culture Shock Is Good For You

cultureshock infographic

If you have ever moved to a different country, you have probably experienced culture shock. I know I have. Culture shock is the unexpected impact that comes from living a new life in a different environment with people from different cultural backgrounds. It can cause a lot of anxiety and frustration, but once you learn how to adapt to this new life, you can see how culture shock can be beneficial. Check out the infographic below to learn more: Continue reading

Off The Beaten Track: How To See Beyond The Tourist Spots


Hello travellers! My regular readers know that exploring the world is my passion. Meeting new people, trying new foods, and seeing new places is the best thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to find yourself visiting the same old tourist spots. You’re packed in with crowds of tourists, and you never get to see the real side of the country.

That’s why I always make it my mission to get off the beaten track. I want to see how the locals live! Let’s throw away the guidebooks, and just see what’s out there. Today, I’ll show you a few easy ways to break away from the obvious spots, and find something new. Continue reading