This Week’s Small Pleasures #25

Hubby and I at the tulip farm.

Hubby and I at the tulip farm.

Today is our 4th anniversary. So much has happened in the last 4 years it is wild.

We have moved 5 times and lived in North Carolina, India and Oregon. We have gotten married twice. We have adopted two cats and raised two more. I have tried countless recipes and never cooked a single meal that hubby didn’t like. We have watched countless movies. We have taken a few road trips and a few spontaneous getaways. We’ve put up a couple Christmas trees… Continue reading

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Colorful Around The World

ganesha statues

Ganesha statues in India.

I love colors! They make me happy. As a kid I used to love dressing up in mismatched bright colored clothes. My mom let me. My art (paintings) are also known to be pretty colorful.

Across my travels I have found Mexico and India to be the most colorful. But you can find an array of colorful things and places around the world.

Enjoy this series! Continue reading

Hiking In The Snow For The First Time – Mirror Lake Trail, Oregon


Last weekend we decided to grab our most hiking-appropriate clothes and drive an hour and a half towards Mt. Hood, Oregon.

On the way there, we decided to stop where a few cars were parked on Highway 26 and headed towards the Mirror Lake Trail which we hiked in sub 20 degrees Fahrenheit and in a hurry because we started late. I was very proud of myself by the end of it as I had only hiked once before in my life and it was mostly just a long walk in a state park during a nice day. Continue reading

Cilantro Lime Hummus

cilantro hummus4

Enjoy this Mexican twist on the traditional hummus with crackers, veggies or in a sandwich. Bring it to your next dinner party if you want to please everyone.

Well, everyone except those who hate cilantro, which seems to be a big bunch. I don’t know anyone personally though. Continue reading

Inside the USS Blueback Submarine


Recently, hubby and I went to have brunch in downtown Portland and on our way there we saw a submarine parked on the other side of the Willamette river. We decided to go take a look after eating.

We drove towards it and we ended up at OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, where you can take a tour inside the U.S. Navy’s last non-nuclear, fast-attack submarine, the USS Blueback (SS-581)! Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #24


Good things happened this week. I had some good laughs, had some good finds, and experienced a major accomplishment. Read about my small pleasures this week: Continue reading

Should I Become A U.S. Citizen? Green Card VS. US Citizenship

Naturalization Ceremony Grand Canyon 20100923mq_0514

Naturalization Ceremony Grand Canyon (Image source)

It took almost 5 years for me to get a US Permanent Green Card. After tons of paperwork, fees and patience, I was granted a conditional green card (good for 2 years) and then had to apply to remove those conditions, a process that took about a year and a half with the need of a lawyer. I got my green card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen.

Now, I qualify to apply for U.S. Citizenship. The question is, should I? Should I go through a painful process again? Continue reading