Pie Charts I Drew Describing My 15 Hour Transatlantic Flight

long flight chart1 flight chart3

Today I fly to India. After two short flights across the US, I go on board a Boeing 777 (my favorite plane) and fly straight to India for 15 hours (and almost 16 hours on the way back.)

As I prepare for this flight, I created some charts of how my journey will most likely look like. Given that I have done this before a few times, I have a pretty good idea.  Continue reading

Monthly Best Of: September 2015


This month was pretty chill. The hot temperatures subsided, I caught up on my movie watching hobby, tried a couple new products, cooked a few new recipes, and improved on my physical fitness even more.

In case you missed any, here are the best posts of the month: Continue reading

A Tragic Eye-Opening Refugee Story by Humans of New York

You may follow HONY (Humans of New York) on FB, Twitter, or Tumblr already, if not, you HAVE TO; and you may have come across this story but I absolutely couldn’t not share this. This story has to be read, it has to be known. The ways of this world are unacceptable, the selfishness, the heartlessness, the greed have taken over and are making this world a terrible place. We have to change. Continue reading

This Week’s Small Pleasures #63

happy collage sept

It was a good week, I feel. See what things made me happy: Continue reading

1000 Oaks Restaurant in Pune, India: West Meets East

indian food

If you ever find yourself in the wonderful Maharashtrian city of Pune, India and you want some food, I recommend 1000 Oaks, where you’ll find delicious Indian food, delicious dessert, friendly staff and some bathroom humor. Continue reading

The Cost Of Speeding Around The World Infographic

speeding infographic

In March of 2015, a Finnish man found himself having to pay a 54,000 euro speeding fine! In Finland, traffic violations are calculated based on one’s income.

Every country has different fees for speeding. The infographic below will give you an idea of how different these can be across countries. The best thing to do for one’s own personal as well as others’ sake and safety is not to speed. Check it out… Continue reading

Product Recommendation: BERTRAND – The Organic Meal Replacement Shake


For a while I have been intrigued by meal replacement beverages like Soylent which provide all the nutrients a person needs in powder form that creates a shake.

When I came across BERTRAND my interest peaked because it seems to be the only certified organic option out there and it is produced in Germany, which was a plus for me as I currently and sadly don’t trust food in America very much. The more I found out about BERTRAND the more I wanted to try the product.  Continue reading