Monthly Best Of: October 2014

bestofoctober collage

October came and went! It wasn’t majorly eventful for me.

I joined some [intense crossfit] fitness classes after a year of not working out. I had my first blog post comment section “fight/argument” which was bound to happen but it actually took longer than I thought as I’ve had this blog for about 15 months now. I succeeded at some new recipes I tried including coconut cocoa banana bread (so good) and perfecting the most delicious homemade baked mac and cheese. And I started wearing prescription glasses for the first time.

It looks like you guys officially love my “Around The World Series” Posts. I get it though, those posts are magnificent. Below is the roundup of the most viewed and liked posts of October: Continue reading

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Shoes And Feet Around The World

Our feet in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Our feet in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

I find that I walk a lot more while traveling. I also apparently like taking pictures of shoes. I guess it’s my kind of selfie. Check out my, and other’s people feet on floors across the world. Continue reading

15 Best Things About Being An Expat In The USA

Yesterday I posted about the things I dislike about the USA. To balance it out, I needed to tell you about my favorite things about this country too. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, every place has its good and bad things. 

So here are 15 good things about America: Continue reading

Government Offices Around The World

Photographer Jan Banning traveled to 8 very different countries and dropped in unannounced at various bureaucratic offices. He captured the setting and now we can see his work. Continue reading