Hot Around The World


This post is about things that are hot, from bonfires and s’mores, hot weather, to hot drinks… I’m sharing with you a series of photos I’ve captured around the world that portray something hot. You might be sweatin’ a bit by the end of this post.  Continue reading

How People Eat Fries Around The World

fries around the world

Whether they’re called fries, frites, chips, papas or wedges – these golden fried savoury potato sticks are loved all over the world.

There’s more to fries than just pairing them with salt and ketchup. Canadians love adding cheese curds and gravy to their fries, creating their [not official] national dish: poutine. Or if you like things on the spicy side, you’ll love the Indian variation with a sprinkling of chili powder and turmeric. Continue reading

3 Natural Wonders You Need To See To Believe

Aurora Borealis - Bear Lake, Alaska

The internet is a fantastic tool for inspiring holiday plans and allowing us to see incredible natural wonders. But seeing a picture on a screen is not the same as seeing it up close and experiencing it first hand. The world is jam packed full of these wonders which often cannot be explained. They can make you realize how powerful Mother Nature really is and how we often take this beautiful world of ours for granted.

So instead of looking at these wonders on social media or on Google, why not go and find them for yourself. Here is a brief list of some natural wonders you need to see to truly believe: Continue reading

Amartithi – A Magical Three Day Celebration in Meherabad, India

Amartithi in India

Amartithi is a very special event taking place every year from January 29-31 in the town of Meherabad in the state of Maharashtra, India which hosts around 12,000 overnight visitors, and about 30,000 daytime visitors from all over the world during this three-day program in celebration of Meher Baba. Continue reading

Weekly Small Pleasures #75


Nice and chill week. I managed to accidentally peel my own finger (not too bad), but overall it was a pretty relaxing with a few bits of excitement, accomplishment and fun. These were my small pleasures: Continue reading

Monthly Best Of: January 2016


This month was pretty chill and routine… lots of cooking, cleaning, working out, eating, scooping the litter box, reading, watching football and netflix, blogging, grocery shopping, and the occasional fun outing to the movies (watched some really good ones) and the theater. The theater wasn’t really routine as we hadn’t been in years and it was really fun.

I hope you had a good start to the year, and here are the best posts of the month based on likes and views: Continue reading

Pink and Purple Flowers Around The World

washington park rose test garden

Braise yourselves for pink and purple beauty bonanza. As I was going through my photo archives I came across lots of pink and purple flowers from my travels and they are so pretty! I shall say no more, just scroll down and you’ll see. Continue reading