10 Types of Expats Around The World

types expats

People move abroad for many different reasons. I for one, have moved abroad for 3 different reasons: to the UK for studies, to the US for love and to India for… it’s complicated. My most recent move to the Pacific Northwest, I guess making it reason #4, was supposed to be a temporary visit to renew a visa which ended being a long-term stay. Two months have now turned into two years.

And I also have moved (within the US) for random reasons… “throw a dart at the map” kind of move. That makes reason #5. So, I’m not your typical expat.

Are you an expat? If so, what kind? The infographic below lists a few types based on real people. 

[click on the image to view it larger]


expat types infographic


Do you fit any of these types?

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