15 Best Things About Being An Expat In The USA

15 Best Things About Being An Expat In The USA

Yesterday I posted about the things I dislike about the USA. To balance it out, I needed to tell you about my favorite things about this country too. Every place has its good and bad things. So here are my best things about being an expat in the USA.

1. Driving

We borrowed D's convertible VW bug to go get the part.

Driving around is fairly simple compared to my hometown, Mexico City, and other countries I’ve lived in like England and India. Blocks make sense here and nobody honks, which I’m not sure is a good thing or not, but in general it is.

2. Internet Community

I love the fact that I can get almost any business or product information on the Internet. I have a strong dislike for phones and phone calling (I don’t even own a mobile), so this is a big plus for me. Also, pretty much anything is available to be purchased online, it is very convenient.

3. Cleanliness

Sign in Ohio. image source

People work hard to keep this country clean. I love that. These are things that people take for granted and I really appreciated when I lived outside of the US.

4. Some Foods

Bagels, Trader Joe’s, a good burger, Thanksgiving dinner, New England clam chowder, and extra sharp cheddar cheese.

5. NFL

The American football culture is a blast. I grew up in Mexico but with a family that was a fan of American football, my older brother even played when we were young. I’m kinda glad I never got into cheerleading though. The love for American football didn’t peak in me until I moved here for the first time in 2009. I love how fair it is too, unlike FIFA! Which I’ll watch anyway cause the World Cup is a blast too. When you are watching your team play, it is very emotional and exciting. I really enjoy it.

6. Friendliness

Even though I mostly prefer to be in my own world and it is why I fit in real well in London, I really appreciate that Americans can just start talking to strangers about anything. From complimenting something you are wearing, from commenting about a present situation that you are both encountering. Americans will just randomly start talking to strangers about anything. They will also smile at you for no reason. They will also offer their help if they see you struggling with anything.

7. Online Streaming

Cable companies are terrible nowadays and websites like Netflix and Hulu provide a much better service and at a better value for my tv/movie watching pleasure.

8. Feeling Safe

I see kids walking around by themselves from and to their homes to the bus or even school. I feel pretty safe when I walk the streets of America and I know I can trust all policemen around here. You can just go take a walk or go for a jog (not that I want to) without the fear of being mugged or kidnapped. Unless you are in a dark, lonely place, odds are someone will help you if you are in trouble.

9. Free Water

Bird perching on glass of iced water image source

Any food or drink establishment offers free water and refills for water and soda. Anywhere else in the world I’ve been to you have to pay for each of your drinks no matter what it is. Also, it is kind of amazing that almost anywhere in the US you can drink tap water without getting sick.

10. Separate Checks At Restaurants

I can’t tell you how many times it took my friends and I (outside of the US) forever to come up with the math to pay separately with only one check for all of us.

11. Geographical Diversity

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon image source

There are so many different climates and sightings within the US that you can travel without leaving the country and experience some incredible scenery and exciting activities. From beaches, to rain forest, to mountains, canyons and desert. You name it. Road trip anyone? There is a lot of beauty here.

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12. Creative Expression and Hollywood

Yes, there are many movies that only focus on violence and action, but I’m talking about the quality of the American film industry and the inspiring, artful and meaningful movies that touch the human spirit. It’s truly the best in the world and as a film buff myself, I really appreciate this.

13. The US Navy

11 aircrafts fly over the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) as it sails in the Mediterranean Sea. image source

Maybe I am biased because my husband was a Navy man but I really like them. I think they are the best branch of the military followed by the Air Force. And there is no question that the US Military is the best in the world.

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14. Disney World

Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World image source

Because there is no happier place in the world.

15. My husband


Well, I ended up marrying an American who is very American if that makes sense. So I must like America.

So what do you think are some of the best things about being an expat in the USA?
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