21 Ways To Beat Motion Sickness

Don’t let motion sickness ruin your adventures anymore. Whether it is on a road trip on the winding roads of Peru or Italy, a boat ride on the way to a dive or whale watching,  or even in the skies flying to an exotic destination, there are ways to try to avoid this sick feeling caused by motion. So what can you do? What works?

The thing about motion sickness is that there is no cure and different things work for different people. There are even different names for it like sea, motion or travel sickness. You just gotta experiment and find out what works for you but no matter what you call it, there are ways to avoid it! Check out the infographic below for some facts and ideas:

How to Avoid Motion Sickness

Thanks to the team at DIVE.in for the graphic.

Do you experience motion sickness? Do you have any other tips?


  1. One thing that helps is to be relaxed- this is underrated. I suffer from motion sickness and avoid roadtrips primarily because of this but I find that if I’m not anxious- relaxed and focused on the moment- it helps immensely. I also find it helpful to not travel on an empty stomach.

  2. I’m actually surprised at myself because even though I’ve felt nausea in places like the Andes of Ecuador, and the Dead Sea valley in Israel, I’ve never gotten motion sickness. I guess it helps that I prefer to sit in one of the first rows of the bus, so I can focus on the road in front of me. Although one time, a girl sitting next to me in the front row went to town in a paper bag, and one time I was on a helicopter tour with my sister, father, aunt, and another family (mom with two little boys) and of all the people, it was the mom of the little boys who got sick. The worst part of that is that on a helicopter, unlike a bus, you can’t exactly open a window…ugh, the smell of her last meal.

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