4 Reasons Why I Hate Looking Young

You read that right. I hate looking young.

On top of looking at least 5 years younger than I look (I blame it on my genes), I am also an introvert which makes me quiet and non-assertive. I don’t go around stating my opinion or being loud which reduces my apparent age even further. And for a cherry on top, I am quite short and petite (I blame that on my genes too), which also doesn’t help my case.

4 Reasons Why I Hate Looking Young

1. I am constantly underestimated.

People don’t really take young kids or teenagers seriously, and I look like one, even though I am 25. Being underestimated is not a nice feeling. It affects my self-confidence and it makes me frustrated.

The only good thing about being underestimated is that I keep surprising people about my abilities, my confidence, my maturity, my strength, my courageousness and my stories (since I have lived longer than people think). But it’s not enough to make me enjoy being underestimated. I don’t find the need to prove myself to people, so whenever I do surprise people, it comes naturally.

2. Being carded

I get carded so much it’s not funny (in the US.) I don’t get carded much in Europe or Mexico, where the drinking legal age is 18. I even get carded when I’m not even the one ordering or purchasing alcohol.

The other day my husband and I went to Walgreens to buy a bottle of wine. My husband was the one carrying and paying for the wine, yet the cashier guy asked for my ID. You don’t know how annoying that is. He noticed our annoyed state so he continued by saying that one time they made his wife get out of the car to check her ID. Really dude? Really? That’s the most baloney story I’ve heard. And if it’s true I can’t even begin to understand the logic.

The worst part is when I’m at a restaurant and I am really craving a cold beer or hard cider and I forgot my ID. I always try ordering and maybe I’ll get lucky and won’t get carded. I have gotten lucky a few times.

It doesn’t end there. For about a month I had an expired license and they wouldn’t accept it as ID for drinking because it was expired. I promise you my age didn’t change when my license expired. I don’t get that logic either.

3. “Are your mom and dad home?”

Guy rings the bell, I open the door and he says “Are your mom and dad home?”.  Enough said.

4. Age Difference

There is an age difference between my husband and I, and the fact that I look younger than my actual age doesn’t help. If only society wasn’t too judgy about the subject.

I know what you are thinking: “When you are older you are going to appreciate it.” Do you know how many times I’ve heard this?

This is not necessarily true in my situation because I’m lucky enough to have found my soulmate at a young age, and I’m not a very vain woman. I barely wear any makeup. My priorities lie in other places. And our age difference is never going away.


Underestimated, looks younger than actual age, can blend in with different races and cultures, stealthy: I seriously would make a great spy.

Who else is with me? Who else hates looking young? (I doubt there will be many arms raised on this one.)


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