8 Packing Techniques That Will Save You Space In Your Suitcase

packing techniques

It’s safe to say that one of the things that travelers dislike the most about traveling is packing and unpacking. I have never heard anyone say: “I love packing!”. Everyone has their own style. Some people, like my mom, like to start packing weeks before the trip adding a few things to the suitcase everyday. Some others like my older brother, (and lately myself), like to pack at the very last minute, often forgetting essentials like underwear or a toothbrush.

But there are others who have mastered the packing techniques. They have learned the best ways to fold clothes to maximize space and avoid wrinkles, and they have learned exactly what it’s best to pack and what to leave behind. With increasing luggage fees and the possibility of an airline losing your luggage, people have tried to get as compact as possible over time.

Below is an infographic teaching you 8 effective packing hacks to save your room in your suitcase including the military style roll, the clown-car style, and how to use other accessories like bags and packing cubes to become a master packer.

Infographic by Expedia.ca

Do you have any other packing techniques that have worked for you?

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