80 Hats Around The World

80 Hats Around The World

Every country has its own unique fashion style and you can look at the big differences by noticing the humble hat. Most hats are traditional and offer a glimpse into a country’s culture. There are many different kinds of hats around the world. 

North America seems to have the most tamed down hats aside from the Mexican sombrero, which in no way goes unnoticed.

I like hats. I seem to be attracted to the hat section whenever I go shopping, and I normally try a couple on. But I almost never end up buying one because in real life I tend to ignore the hat. Something stops me from wanting to wear one. But I love winter hats, including wool brim hats and comfy cable knit beanies. And during summer, a straw fedora or a cute floppy hat can be quite useful to protect me from sun/heat headaches.

I also normally really like how people look when they’re wearing a hat. They’re usually flattering and good-looking. And it’s totally fun to look at the Kentucky Derby Fashion. And fezzes are cool. Am I right? Ok, sorry Doctor, not sure about the Fez, but bowties, absolutely. Excuse me while I geeked out here for a second.

The infographic below takes you on a trip around the world by showing you 80 typical hats from different countries. Some of my favorites include Italy’s boater hat, USA’s Kentucky hat, and the Panama Hat.

Africa definitely wins the contest for most unique.

Ready to travel by hat?

80 Hats Around The World
80 hats around the world

Which ones are your favorite?
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