A Global Guide To Handshakes


Greetings are tricky. Especially if you travel or move a lot across the world. Every country has its own way of greeting and it also varies depending on your relationship to the person and the gender of the person. It’s good to learn beforehand how greetings are commonly done whenever you travel or move to a different country. 

Handshakes are very common around the world, but even the handshake is tricky. Firmness varies from country to country, and how long do you grip? Do you make eye contact? Do you shake a woman’s hand?

Some cultures place more value on how a greeting is done, with a higher risk to be offended, and the order of who you greet first can be very important. For example, you may have to greet the eldest person first, and in some places you should wait to be prompted. For example in Morocco, wait for a woman to offer her hand. Same goes for Japan, with everyone. And in Britan, the least amount of body contact is always preferred.

Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, it’s good to achieve good first impressions with new people from different cultures. You’ll find helpful greeting tips for 19 different nations in the infographic below.

A Global Guide To Handshakes

(A Global Guide To Handshakes by Expedia Canada)

Have you had any awkward greeting experiences?

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