A Guide To The World’s Most Spectacular Botanical Gardens

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I love visiting botanical gardens when I travel, don’t you? There is just something really magical about well taken care of flowers and gardens. The vast variety of kinds of flowers and plants and the different colors and smells they bring is something truly to be admired in this world. 

The infographic below features some of the world’s most famous botanical gardens including Kew Gardens in London, Singapore Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It provides a practical guide to the gardens with the number of annual visitors, size and must-see plants. It also highlights some lesser known ‘random facts’ and explains the history of each garden. So, have at it!

Discover some of the world's most beautiful botanical gardens with this useful infographic.
Produced by Fairmont

Have you visited any botanical gardens? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I love botanic gardens. Kew Gardens are lovely. The UNAM botanic gardens in DF are also nice, though they focus on desert plants. The Huntington, in LA, rivals the Kew Gardens. I was pleasantly surprised this past summer by the Memphis Botanical Gardens, although the high heat wilts the roses come June.


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