A Lesson On Confronting Someone

True story:

My husband was at work one Friday when he saw a coworker leaving and he yelled across the room “see you next week [name]!”

About five minutes later, my husband was called into his boss’ office. He was scolded by his boss about his act. Apparently the coworker had just been fired and my husband had no idea. Honest mistake. But his boss thought otherwise. He thought that my husband was simply being a jerk.

To my husband’s luck, his boss actually confronted him. If he hadn’t and instead had thought that my husband was a jerk, then it might have affected his future in the company, or his future with personal relationships at work, or who knows because rumors are truly dangerous.

Do not underestimate the destructive power of a rumor.

Rumors are like avalanches that start of as a small ball rolling down and eventually reach the bottom as massive life-threatening landslides.

The moral of the story for me is that it might actually be a good thing to confront people to avoid interpersonal disasters. I am not the kind of person who would confront anyone, it’s just not my personality; but after this small little event in my husband’s life I will think twice about the notion of confronting someone. It might be better to talk to get clarification.

What do you think? Are you the kind of person who would confront someone? Have you ever regretted it or felt glad you did?
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