A Map of the Introvert’s Heart

I saw this and I had to share it.

Gemma Correll drew this introvert’s heart map, and as an introvert/ambivert myself I think it’s pretty accurate. 

A few places I would add. Some are introvert-related and some are probably just me-related.

1. I don’t know how she could leave this out: Sleep Cove. Pretty self-explanatory.

2. Land of Sweets: for those cake, ice cream, fruit, and especially chocolate cravings.

3. Adventure Station: for those occasional needed adrenaline rushes.

4. Gastro Town: sometimes you simply don’t feel like cooking, and a chef’s meal will hit the spot. This town would have different kinds of cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Indian, French, Thai, German, Spanish + more!

5. Laughter Village: because laughter is the best medicine (apart from chocolate). Here you would find comedian acts, movie theaters playing only comedies, and a YouTube theater playing the funniest videos.

6. Booze Abbey: because every now and then a cold beer, a perfect wine, or a refreshing cocktail is what the heart needs.

7. Wanderlust City: of course there had to be a travel place. This is the place to come fantasize about all your future travels (whether they’ll happen or not), fantasize about cities you’ve never been, foreign foods you’ve never tried, and cultures you can only imagine.

8. Art House: art supplies galore all at your fingertips. This is your personal dream art studio. Go crazy with those oil paintings you’ve been meaning to start, or with all the DIY projects you’ve pinned on pinterest.

I especially liked that in Correll’s map there is no cellphone reception. I would definitely keep that. I would keep all of it actually.

What do you think of my additions? Which ones would you include? 

You can buy the art print here.

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