An Urban Backpacker’s Guide to Packing

urban packpacker guide

Are you planning or fantasizing about a backpacking trip? Below you will find very useful tips on how to pack and what things to consider if you go on a trip that requires you to pack smart and comfortably. It is important to think before you act on this so that your trip doesn’t end up being a pain because you brought the wrong size pack for your body, you forgot to pack some essentials, or you packed too much. 

As a backpacker you’ll have to be self reliant, budget-conscious and smart about your choices. You will also have to be careful about not losing important things (like your passport) or even becoming a target to be mugged.

By choosing a bag and what you bring wisely, and determining your weight limits you’ll be thankful later.

The infographic below will guide you through making these decisions from the process of selecting a bag to tips on what you need and how to carry it.

Infographic by Work The World

Have you ever gone backpacking? Do you have any tips to add?


  1. Hey love! Thanks for this post! I am heading to Paris this coming weekend, only for a few days, but this gave me a ton of inspiration for packing my backpack! 🙂


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