Around The World In 12 Christmas Traditions

Around The World In 12 Christmas Traditions

People around the world are celebrating Christmas in their own unique ways. Some Christmas traditions are really old, while others are created in homes around the planet. Even if you’re not very religious you might be celebrating Christmas, gathering with family and eating your heart out. I think we all stop following any diet or healthy eating rules around this season. Hence, why so many people decide to go back to the gym once the new year begins.

Whether you’re in England gathering around the tree to open gifts, or in Japan lining up for hours to get some KFC, or in Venezuela roller-skating to morning mass, or in Spain waiting for Tío de Nadal to defecate presents in the fireplace, I hope you have happy holidays.

Check out the infographic below to read more about these traditions and some others from Iceland to Mexico.

christmas traditions around the world

Infographic by Globehunters

What are some unique Christmas traditions you follow?

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