Astoria, Oregon – Sea Lions, Beer and Seafood

Astoria, Oregon – Sea Lions, Beer and Seafood

I have written about Astoria, Oregon before but it is always about something different. Like this time when I wrote about the 100 year old trolley and fish and chips, and this other time when I wrote about the Astoria column and the nearby town of SeasideAnd I write about it today again because the little town of Astoria has so much to offer and every time we go we discover something new.  This time the focus is on sea lions, a cool brewery, and good seafood. 

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The city of Astoria sits at the mouth of the great Columbia River and connects to the ocean. It also has an interesting history dating back to the 1800s.

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In memory of people who died at sea or had a sea-related job.

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This building used to be a brothel.

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Sea Lions

astoria oregon9

We took this short trip in the month of April, where we found tons of sea lions visiting. They were loud!

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astoria oregon brewery

After a really nice walk by the waterfront, we decided to check out the recently opened brewery, the Buoy Beer Company.

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You can see the sea lions from inside the brewery.

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Yes, I ordered wine at a brewery. Sorry.

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astoria oregon16

Then, we got hungry so we grabbed a table at the Wet Dog Cafe which also happens to be a brewery but has more years in Astoria.

Being a port city and so close to the ocean, the seafood selection is great.

I ordered the Oregon Hazelnut salad with added grilled salmon. The piece of bread you see on the plate was one of the worst pieces of bread I’ve had, but the salad and the salmon were really good.

astoria oregon17

Josh opted for some oyster shooters and the fish tacos.

astoria oregon19

It was such a nice day so we kept exploring and walking around downtown.

astoria oregon20

We entered a cool bookshop where we bought incense and a game of Cribbage to learn how to play.

astoria oregon21

As we kept walking we came across a yard bombed tree and a cool cafe (Astoria Coffee House & Bistro) where we shared a cappuccino and tried to learn how to play cribbage.

astoria oregon22

It was an overall pretty relaxing and delightful day. Astoria, Oregon seems to keep giving us days like that. We still have a lot to explore! Including museums and the film festival.

Do you have any recommendations for next time?

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