Blue Around The World


Lots of blues in Stockholm, Sweden.

Blue is a favored colored of men and women around the world. The color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, heaven, and sometimes cold and sadness.

Blue is the most common color in our planet as it is seen in our beloved skies and our vast seas.

Enjoy this blue journey around the world!

london moon

London at night.

sugarcane india9

A blue sugar cane juice machine in India.

mexico city view

Blue skies in Mexico City.

portland division coffee art

Coffee shop sign in Portland, OR.

hood river oregon10

Scenery in Washington.


A blue scarf while biking in Washington.

A woman wearing a blue sari in India.

A woman wearing a blue sari in India.

vintage car show7

Vintage car in Oregon.

sky durham game

Baseball game in Durham, North Carolina.

portland waterfront downtown

The Willamette in Downtown Portland.

cancun mexico beach1

The blue ocean in Cancun.

moscow russia landscape

A blue night in Moscow, Russia.

The train from Moscow to St Petersburg

The dark blue train from Moscow to St Petersburg

Lie on a bed of nails at the Museo de los niños.

Lying on a bed of nails at the Museo Papalote in Mexico City.


Seaside, Oregon.

museum of flight seattle

The Concorde in Seattle.

Which one was your favorite?
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