Broken Around The World

acapulco mexico beach26

The waves breaking in Acapulco.

It is hard to admit when things are broken, especially if that thing is ourselves, but there are broken things all over the world.

Here is a series of broken, or a variation of broken things around the world I’ve visited. 

the dalles oregon rodeo28

Breakaway roping at the rodeo. The Dalles, OR

rome italy coliseo

A broken building. You know the one.

A newspaper in India.

A broken newspaper in India.

That would be me, blindfolded, sprayed with silly string, underneath a bee piñata. 2008

That would be me, blindfolded, sprayed with silly string, attempting to break a bee piñata.

shoe repair mexico

A shoe cobbler repairing broken shoes. Mexico City

museum of flight seattle

Apollo Command Module 007, 1966. It was built for training and Earth-orbit mission. It is identical to the capsule in which astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee died in 1967. Museum of Flight

josh rickshaw

Trying to start our broken rickshaw. India.

fresh coconut india

Indian man breaking a young coconut for me to drink out of!

Did you have a favorite?
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