Candid Shots of People Around The World

king ahmed tomb india1

I have to admit I rarely ask a person’s permission for me to take a picture of them. I don’t think this is totally right, but my shy side usually prevents me from going for it. Because of that, I end up with a lot of candid photos of people, which basically means they are unaware they are having their picture taken.

Who knows, maybe you will end up in my blog one day! Below, enjoy photos of people around the world doing their own thing naturally without posing; from a dancer hanging from a rope, to a boy buying jewelry. 

mpr india volleyball3

A mix of cultures during a friendly volleyball game in India.

dhuni india police

These indian festival guards, are captured doing their job.

cannon beach oregon18

A woman and her dog take a walk in Cannon Beach, OR.

voladores mexico3

This man performs a traditional dance, hanging by his feet. I’m pretty sure he’s unaware of the photographer.

astoria oregon trolley1

The trolley man and hubby talk in Astoria, OR.

jewelry india

This boy is looking at jewelry in a market in India. Wonder who he’s buying it to?

While you're at it, why not get some fresh orange juice too?

This Indian man is selling fresh juice on a hot day.

Elvis setting up.

Elvis setting up to perform in the streets of Portland, OR.

oregon brew fest portland1

These men don’t know I’m photographing them with their beer hats on at the Brew Fest.

syncline winery washington9

People enjoy tastings of wine at the Syncline Winery.

india kids

This joyful man enjoys these kids enjoying their popsicles.

the dalles oregon rodeo19

They are definitely not aware I’m taking their photo at the rodeo.

Interested in the photos.

A candid photo of a man showing these women the photos in his camera.

London's most famous attraction: Banana Man

London’s most famous attraction: Banana Man

portland saltandstraw ice cream8

This young woman is making waffle cones! I wish you could smell!

shoe repair mexico 1

This shoe man is doing his work in Mexico.

ferry to seattle

Lovebirds at the ferry on the way to Seattle, WA.

roasted chiles

A man is roasting peppers at the farmer’s market.

music performance1

An Indian man gives a performance.

Which one was your favorite candid shot?


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