A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise -The Meadow Shop in Portland

On one of our regular date nights, after having some Mexican food we headed for a walk and saw a crowd at a distance that spiked our curiosity. It was near Christmas time, and there was a big crowd of small families, I believe waiting for a Christmas tree to be lit or something; there was music and it was cold but people were still out.

Behind the crowd I saw a store with some neon signs that said: chocolate, wine, flowers, and gourmet salts. They had me at chocolate, but it sounded like it was all our favorite things in one place! Hubby’s favorite would be wine. We both love flowers, and gourmet salts, why not? We squeezed through the crowd and arrived at paradise, The Meadow.

As soon as we went in the crowd noise and the cold temperature faded away and we were greeted by beautiful flowers.

After a quick peak at the gourmet salts, Josh headed to talk to the Italian shopkeeper about each other’s time in Italy and I headed to, what I call, the chocolate library. (And if I was rich, I’d have on in my house.)

I have no idea how much time I spent looking at all the chocolate and choosing a few, I was just glad that hubby was in a patient mood.

Eventually I chose 4 bars and hubby brought home a bottle of Prosecco recommended by the Italian guy plus 1 other chocolate bar I made him buy for himself.

One of the bottles and the flowers in the picture we had at home already.

My Chocolate Reviews

The five bars that we bought from left to right were:

1. El Ceibo, Bolivia – 77% Dark Chocolate with cocoa nibs and uyuni salt

I hate to say, I was a bit disappointed with this one. My least favorite of the five. It still would make an interesting gift. Have you heard of the Uyuni salt flats? Just google them and you’ll be amazed.

2. Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate – Fleur De Sel

This was one of the most beautiful and most delicious chocolate bars I’ve ever tasted. The chocolate melts in your mouth and the flaky salt makes you want to eat the whole bar in one sitting. These two California-based guys went from building wooden boats to making chocolate, a process that takes one month from start to finish. This was the one I made hubby buy, and I’m so glad I did. So was he.

3. Amedei – Toscano Red Chocolate Bar

This red fruit dark chocolate was my second favorite. I’m a sucker for this combination. I tried hard not to eat it on one sitting.

4. Café-Tasse – Dark with Russian Earl Grey Tea

This Belgian-tea-infused dark chocolate was my third favorite. Really quite good. The tea flavor is definitely identified.

5. Mast Brothers – Sea Salt (73% cacao)

I have come across the Mast Brothers beautiful packaged chocolate several times online and I finally got my chance to taste their chocolate. I was also a bit disappointed by this one. I don’t know if it was because I had high expectations or because the chocolate itself was just okay. I’d give them another chance.

The Meadow Shop – Gourmet Salt, Salt Blocks, Chocolate, Wine, & Flowers
3 Locations:
3731 North Mississippi Avenue        805 NW 23rd Avenue       523 Hudson Street
Portland, OR 97227                            Portland, OR 97210           New York, NY 10014

Do you have a favorite chocolate? What would they sell in your dream store?

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