Christmas Around The World

Moon over Prague Christmas Market

Moon over Prague Christmas Market by Seb Duggan

I love Christmas time, don’t you? I know there is a lot of commercialization around it, which I don’t like but I can’t help myself feeling joy inside as I am surrounded by Christmas lights and even the December chill and wearing boots and coats and eating really deliciously and giving gifts. Ok, I admit I also enjoy receiving gifts. Oh and of course Christmas trees! There is something just so wonderful about having a real tree in your home.

I also like the feeling around Christmas, I feel like people exude a really joyful energy around town. 

Christmas is pretty widely celebrated around the world, and for me, Germany takes the take with their absolutely amazing Christmas markets. I’d love to go there during this time one day. But so many other places have some pretty extravagant Christmases too. See some below:


Weihnachtsmarkt Jena, 2007

Traditional Christmas market in Jena, Germany. by Rene Schwietzke

Cologne christmas market

Cologne Christmas Market by Simon Collison

MEXICO – Mexico City

Happy Christmas All

Zocalo, Mexico City by Gary Denness

Zocalo, Mexico City

Zocalo, Mexico City by noctambulator


Winter market at Bryant Park (New York, NY)

Winter market at Bryant Park (New York, NY) by lukeredmond

Christmas Arch

Washington Square Park, NYC by Rich Mitchell

RUSSIA – Moscow

Moscow (December 2012)

Moscow (December 2012) by ozmark17

Red Square at Christmas

Red Square at Christmas by John Connell

UK – London

Christmas in London

Christmas in London by Ludovic Landry


London by Pug girl

Where are you spending Christmas this year? 

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