How to Deal With 11 Worst Airplane Etiquette Offenders

How to Deal With 11 Worst Airplane Etiquette Offenders

You may be a seasoned traveller, knowing the best time to buy tickets and when to go on the plane. You might have mastered how to pack your carry on. And you could be an airplane snacks connoisseur. So, you probably know the unwritten airplane etiquette rules. But some people may either not be as seasoned as you, or simply lack consideration for others. So it’s good to know how to deal with some of the worst airplane etiquette offenders. 

For example, what if you seat next to someone who brought stinky food with them? While it’s great they brought their own snacks, they didn’t think through the consideration scale and brought a strong-smelling fast food burger or some homemade tuna salad. Super crunchy foods can also be annoying.

The best way to deal with both the smell and the noise is with noise cancelling headphones and by wearing minty chapstick or rubbing peppermint oil on the tip of your nose to fight away the odors.

This brings us to another offender, the crying baby. Granted, he’s not trying to be mean. While you know he can’t help it, your ears and mind might still feel the annoyance. Earplugs and noise cancelling headphones are the solutions here too. And maybe some calming meditation practice while you’re at it.

And then there’s the sneezer and cougher. While he might be feeling uncomfortable too, you really want to avoid getting sick on your flight. The best way is to keep sanitized with hand sanitizer and wipes (for your surroundings like the tray table and the armrests).

And disposable surgical mask to cover your nose and mouth is your best bet to avoid airborne diseases. It might be worth it to look silly. They’re cheap and readily available at any pharmacy.

And there are a few more airplane etiquette offenders including the armrest hoarder, the loud mouth, the seat kicker, and the drunk.

Check out the infographic below to learn how to deal with these and a few more annoying passengers.

How to Deal With 11 Worst Airplane Etiquette Offenders

How to Deal With 11 Worst Airplane Etiquette Offenders

[How to Deal With Airplane Etiquette Offenders Infographic by GetVOIP]

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if they included an airplane etiquette pamphlet along with the safety rules in the pocket in front of every seat?

Have you ever had a bad fellow passenger experience? Do you have more tips to deal with airplane etiquette offenders?

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