Doors Around The World

Pick your toilet style. India.

Doors are a cool subject to photograph around the world. I don’t make it a point to do so, but I found a few that I took across my travels. The photo above is one of my favorite pictures. I like it’s simplicity but it tells a story, a story of culture, and I love the colors too.

Doors can tell a lot about the place that they lead to or they can be complete mysterious. Doors are often used metaphorically in writing and in speech to get through life. 

vienna architecture door

Museum door in Vienna, Austria.

portland st johns night

The door of a Portland home at night.


A door inside the USS Blueback submarine.

king ahmed tomb india18

A door in India.

portland division tea house

The door of a teahouse in downtown Portland.

syncline winery washington9

The main door of the Syncline winery in Washington.

George Harrison's childhood home

George Harrison’s childhood home in Liverpool, UK

mexico city

A door in the historic center of Mexico City.

cathedral mexico city

La Santísima Church at the Zocalo in Mexico City.

museum of flight seattle

Doggie Door in the Air Force One (The first presidential jet plane)

museum of flight seattle

The door of the Apollo Command Module 007, 1966. It was built for training and Earth-orbit mission. It is identical to the capsule in which astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee died in 1967. (Museum of Flight, Seattle)


Batmobile door.

indian cat

Our stray cat sits by the door in our house in India.

Which door was your favorite?

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