Edges Around The World

whistler lift snow ski canada

Over the edge of the lift in Whistler, Canada

These captures around the world speak to each other as they all feature people, animals and landscapes on the edge, along the edge or over the edge, one way or another.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

washington drive1

Driving along the edge of the Columbia River, Washington.

cannon mountain nh5

Over the edge of a gondola in Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire

king ahmed tomb india11

Getting water on the edge of the well in rural India.

duke gardens durham turtle

A turtle on the edge at Duke Gardens, North Carolina

cenote cancun

Jumping from the edge unto a cenote in Cancun

mexico city view

The edge of Mexico City

A funny goat.

A funny goat standing on the edge of a stick in rural India.

Which one was your favorite edge?

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