Fire Art and Summer S’mores


About three weeks ago we stayed two nights at an amazing airbnb in Washington and had s’mores outside in the fire pit.

The fire was dancing all night and making art. If you look closely, you can find a different “painting” on each of the close up fire pictures. There are some medieval battles, some nudes and some abstracts. At least that’s what I saw! Give it a go.

firepitfirepit4 firepit6 firepit7 firepit8

Here is where the fire art starts:


I see a 1920’s woman with a big hat here.


I see a dragon.


I see a nude with a top hat.


I see a dancer.

firepit10 firepit12 firepit13 firepit15 firepit16 firepit17


I see a small devil talking to a man with maracas, no, it’s not a man, it’s a parrot with maracas. Oh wait, now I see a piranha trying to eat the devil. 

firepit27 firepit28 firepit29

I left a few up to your imagination.

What crazy image did you see? This is not a Rorschach Test, I promise 😉
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