The Foodies Top Food Markets Around The World

food markets

When traveling, I am all for visiting the local markets. It’s a very fulfilling experience and a great way to submerge oneself in the local culture and eat delicious fresh food.

The infographic below looks at a handful of major cities from Canada to Spain, and their most popular or renowned traditional food markets as places of interest, offering helpful facts about how many stalls to expect as well as the opening days and times.

These markets are ideal for foodies and travelers alike. 

(Click on the image to view it larger.)

best world food markets world best world food marketsbest world food markets

These markets are great for expats too. If you ever move to a new country, exploring the local farmer’s market is a great way to get to know the flavors, the local people and start building your own flavors.

I would add the mercado de Jamaica in Mexico City to the list. Would you add any other markets to this list?

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