A Brave Kitten, True Friends, A Travel Idea and More

A Brave Kitten, True Friends, A Travel Idea and More

Cat of the day.

Here is your personal weekly roundup of awesome links curated by me. Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

Travel adventure idea: cooking class in Thailand

This contemporary novel is all the rage right now.

If you don’t know about Brandon’s Humans of New York, you should.

Snackstadiums for the big game this Sunday! (go seahawks!)

Brave kitten saves human’s arm

Have fun working out like a jedi, batman, while watching tv, or for the hunger games. 

True friends will do just about anything but these two go pretty far. 

This lemon rosemary yogurt cake looks delicious.

Would you buy a Yogurt Maker?

A good excuse.

Let’s get geeky: The wheel paradox that stumped Aristotle and Galileo

Honest company slogans, these are witty.

You might die of cute with this new Budweiser commercial. 

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