Horizons Around The World

Sunset in Acapulco, Mexico

Sunset in Acapulco, Mexico

I think the horizon is what made humans believe the Earth was flat many many years ago. I would’ve think so too if I didn’t know any better.

Horizons are an integral part in photography too and necessary to enjoy our beloved sunsets. They look different around the world but technically we are all sharing the same one as the Earth is really a circle. Yeah, really.

Enjoy a few of the horizons I have captured around the world!

Mt. Hood at a distance

Mt. Hood at a distance

hidden beach6

A sailboat touching the horizon at a hidden beach in Oregon.

portland waterfront downtown

Portland’s Willamette River and the horizon.

cancun mexico beach

The storm approaches above the horizon in Cancun, Mexico.

king ahmed tomb india3

Tall plants create a horizon in the fields surrounding King Ahmed’s Tomb in India. 

The view on top of my apartment building in Mexico City.

The view on top of my apartment building in Mexico City.

tulip farm oregon josh me

Tulip farms make for great horizon photos. Woodburn, OR

Arriving to Pheonix

The horizon is fuzzy here arriving to Pheonix, AZ

view seclusion hill1

The view at the top of Seclusion Hill in India.

cancun pool mexico

The pool is blended with the ocean in Cancun, Mexico. (I wish the metal bar wasn’t there)

Favorite one?
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