How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep Away From Home

sleep away from home

Do you find it harder to sleep well when you are traveling? Don’t fret, it’s a totally normal response from your brain deciding to become more alert when sleeping in a new place. Your brain is trying to protect you from dangers by making it more susceptible to disturbances including a flickering light in the hotel room or a honking car outside. But there are things you can prepare to deal with these animal instincts to get a better night’s sleep. 

Think of location for starters – the top floor should be the quietest, and staying away from a busy street would be good. Think of what to bring – eye masks and earplugs are no brainers and can do wonders. You could also consider bringing a pillow you like.

Another good tip for sleeping anywhere is to reduce and avoid screen time before bed. Both laptop and smartphone screens send signals to the brain making it think there is still daylight, and activities on these turn on the mind rather than help relax it. Consider reading an old fashioned paperback or taking a warm bath before bed instead.

Read on to learn a little about the science behind the “first night effect” survival technique, and a few handy tips to get a better night’s sleep when you are somewhere new.

[Infographic] by the team at Oliver’s Travel

So you have trouble sleeping when traveling? Do you have any other tips to add?

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