How To Use Your Nutribullet In India or Australia

How To Use Your Nutribullet In India or Australia

Oddly enough my most popular post is Nutribullet Fail (And Smoothie Recipes), and I have found that many people reach my blog wanting to know how to use their Nutribullet in India and Australia.

When we moved to India, I took my Nutribullet with me, because it happens to be amazing and my favorite smoothie maker. The first time I used it in India, I used only a plug adapter. This burnt the motor of the Nutribullet but I turned it off before it killed it. Then I learned that I also needed a voltage converter.

My Burnt Nutribullet

My Burnt Nutribullet

Based on research and lots of people’s advice and experience, I have gathered the information you need to use your American Nutribullet in India and Australia, and therefore in many other countries where the voltage is also 240v.

How To Use Your Nutribullet In India or Australia

What you need to know

Nutribullet: 120 Volt / 60 Hz / 600 Watt Motor (old version) 900 Watts (new version)

USA: 120 Volt / 50 Hz / A & B plugs

India: 240 Volt/ 60 Hz / C & D plugs

Australia: 240 Volt / 50 Hz / I plug

There is no watt mentioned in the manual or appliance. What do I do?

If your equipment’s wattage is not available, then you can still figure out the power rating (watts) you need by calculating it using the following formula. Note: You will need your equipment’s amperage and voltage ratings to calculate the wattage: Volts(V) x Amp(A) = Watts(W). For example: 120V x 1.5A = 180W, therefore recommending a 270W-360W transformer.

What you need

To use your American Nutribullet outside of America, you need the correct plug adapter/voltage converter (to adapt different countries) and a step down transformer. 

What kind of voltage transformer should I get?

It’s recommended that your voltage transformer’s wattage be 50-100% greater than your appliance’s wattage. Items such as TVs, power tools, and microwave ovens require up to 3 times the wattage displayed. This requirement is due to the power surge that occurs when the appliance is first turned on.

For the Nutribullet with a 600w motor,  ideally you should use a transformer with at least 1.5 times the watts of your appliance; that would be 900 watts for the 600w Nutribullet. Never less than the wattage of your appliance.

Some people have said that 600watts has worked for them but I personally would want to use at least 900 watts. It will probably work with lower than that, but the lifespan of your Nutribullet would be cut significantly; it will probably work for a few months, and then die.

 What kind of plug adapter do I need?

Even though India and Australia have the same voltage, they don’t use the same plug. To see all countries check this link.


Where to find a plug adapter

Plug adapters are easily obtainable and are cheap.

1. You can find them at any travel store (REI, Dick’s, etc), and big stores like Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, etc.

2. Amazon:

Where to find a voltage transformer

1. Amazon (browse different options)

1000 Watt (good for appliances of 900W or less): Goldsource Voltage Transformer Converter – AC 110/220 V – 1000 Watt

2000 Watt (good for appliances of 1900W or less): Rockstone Power 2000 Watt Heavy Duty Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer Converter

2. Ebay India (a reader shared this link with me)

3. In India, you could try your local  cell phone/electronic repair shop. If you are in a city it is more likely you will find it. I failed to find the one I needed in the small town where we resided. If you can find it in India, it will probably cost a lot less than if you buy it in the USA.

Now go make a delicious smoothie!

Note: My Nutribullet is in India, and I am in the US, and I haven’t had the chance to use my Nutribullet in India with the correct transformer, so I don’t assure 100% that these options will work, but like I mentioned, I gathered the info from thorough research and real people’s advice.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. All opinions are mine. 
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