How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

The NYTimes has published a quiz to show you in which parts of the USA your English is most likely spoken. Whether you are from the US or you’re not (like me), this was fun, and so far seems pretty accurate (it is based in the Harvard Dialect Survey).

I took the quiz twice and I got a different set of questions. The quiz consists of 25 questions, but it seems they have about 30 or 35 questions that randomly rotate each time you take the quiz. Because of this, my results where different each time, but similar. 

Combining the both results I got,  apparently my English is the most similar to the people from California, Massachusetts, and Florida (specifically Miami). I am Hispanic and not American, so these results sound about right since there are a vast amount of Hispanics in California, Florida, and Boston too.

dialect map usa

My first results.

dialect map

My second results.

Also, my Hispanic father got LA, Glendale, and Massachusetts in his results, and he lived in LA and Boston for some time before I was born, so his English seems to have influenced mine given that I have never lived in these places (just visited) but my results are similar.

Some of the words that determined my results, apparently where what I call the bug that lights up at night (firefly) and those rubber soled shoes (sneakers), and a fizzy drink (soda).

I know you are curious now, go take the quiz and tell me what you got and where you’re from.

Take the quiz!

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