If Anyone Should Have A Role Model, It Should Be Dobri Dobrev

This is Dobri Dobrev.

Aged 98, he is a Bulgarian WWII veteran.

He lives 10km outside Bulgaria Capital, Sofia.

Everyday he walks the 10k to the city capital, to beg for money.

Strangely enough, Dobrev isn’t begging for himself.

He manages to live with a 80 euros pension (rougly 100 usd) a month.

All the money that he has collected over the years, an estimated 40.000 euros (50k usd) have been donated by him to orphanages unable to pay their bills.

Remember. he’s not begging for him. It’s for orphanages. Yet, he frequently kisses the and that drops a coin in his tin, and thanking them for their charity.

Some call him “The saint of Baylovo”, his place of birth. And, this year he will be 100 years old.

As one might expect, he is cherished by everybody. They call him “Dyado Dobri” (Grandpa Dobri) and become to represent the Good that can be done in the most selfishness way possible.

All photos and text from here.

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