I’m Off To Mexico City!

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Today I fly to Mexico City via IAH (Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport). I will be gone for 8 days and fly back via SFO (San Francisco International Airport).

I have zero plans for when I’m there, but I’m hoping I’ll go to some interesting places to share with you when I get back. Even though I was born and raised in that City, I haven’t lived there since 2008 and the City is ever growing.

It’s also birthday season in my family so I’m thinking there might be quite a bit of celebrations and possibly shopping. Mom loves taking me shopping for birthday gifts. I’m thinking I should pack light.

Birthdays include:

Mom – April 3
Younger brother – April 8
Me – April 21
Older brother – May 1
Bonus: close friend – April 14

Dad’s birthday isn’t till November.

I better get my celebrating on because funnily, on April 21st (my birthday, in case you weren’t paying attention), I have signed up and registered for a 7.5 hr Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogens class. You read it right, 7 1/2 hours.

But don’t feel bad for me, I just happen to be completely okay with it as I hate birthday expectations which I have written about before. I’m also even excited to take that class.

I am looking forward to FOOD!, and seeing family and friends of course. Sadly, hubby is staying behind with the kitties and I have left tons of homemade black beans, coconut rice, fried plantains and mason jar salads for him to eat.

I also took care of you and have scheduled a few posts for when I’m gone. See you when I get back! Not really cause I don’t really “see” any of you.

Ta ta!

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