Indian Dishes I Want To Learn How To Make (Part II)

Indian Dishes I Want To Learn How To Make (Part II)

We have been living in India for two months now and I already know so much more about Indian food than I ever knew before living here. Even after having visited India over ten times and been to many Indian restaurants around the world. There are so many Indian dishes I’d like to try to make at home. 

Now, I know the names in Hindi and Marathi of many vegetables and spices. I also learned about and tasted ingredients I have never used or even heard of before (such as fenugreek, asafoetida and jaggery). And I learned that coriander and cilantro is the same thing.

I am still learning about new ingredients and their names, and I have added a few Indian food blogs to my RSS reader. I used to cook many times a week back in the U.S. and I found myself stumped when I got here and  I couldn’t #1 – just hop on the car and drive to the grocery store by myself, and #2 – find most of the ingredients I am used to. So I naturally started learning Indian cooking and looking for recipes online. I like saving the ones I would like to try out.

Indian Dishes I Want To Learn How To Make

Kesar Chawal – Saffron Rice

saffron rice

Kele Ki Sabzi- Banana/Plantain Curry


Beetroot Raita

beetroot raita

Poha – Flattened Rice Breakfast or Snack

Daddojanam – Yogurt/Curd Rice

Gajar Halwa – Sweet Carrot Pudding

carrot gajar halwa

Kheer – Indian Rice Pudding

kheer indian rice pudding recipe

Kaju Barfi – Cashew Sweet

Here is Part I:  List: Indian Dishes I Want To Learn How To Make (so far)

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