Juicing For Every Season Infographic


Food is medicine. It’s unfortunate that in this day in age most of the food has been processed losing all of its magical nutrition. We can use real whole ingredients to tackle particular ailments like sun burn, headaches, dehydration, colds, allergies, achy joints and much more.

The infographic below gives us useful and delicious juicing recipes for many of these conditions that happen more often during particular seasons like summer and winter. 

Juicing for Holidays – Swissotel Hotels & Resorts
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I am more of a smoothie maker than a juicer, so I would make these recipes by using the whole ingredient not just its juice, and reduce the quantities.

Are you going to try any of these?


  1. I love this article. Thank you so much for sharing. I started enjoying the benefits of smoothies since the last two years and I must say it has greatly helped my skin and hair. Although I do still break out, the smoothies have helped my skin to recuperate faster from a breakout and in general keep me healthy.


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