Keeping Portland Weird

oregon brew fest portland38

Darth Vader wearing a kilt riding a unicycle.

You may or may not have heard Portland, Oregon’s motto, slogan, tagline, whatever you wanna call it: “Keep Portland Weird.” Portland is known for its weirdness, which has been exposed by the Portlandia show, but Portlanders love it and embrace it.

I was known to be pretty weird when I was younger, very often described as “random.” Random was and probably is one of my characteristics. I seem to say and do things that people consider random. I can attest to the fact that Portland is random and weird, and I love it.

Below you will find a series of photos that I have collected since I got here over a year ago that give you just a glimpse of Portland’s slogan.

bite of oregon portland

These two guys from Oregon Potatoes where happy to get some attention at their booth. (It seems they weren’t as popular as the other booths).

label gmo food car portland

That is a “fishy apple” (you can’t see its fishtail), for labeling GMO foods. “Are we eating fishy food?” It was especially funny to see it drive away.

tattoo salt and straw portland

The tattoo from the cashier at the local Salt & Straw ice cream shop.

portland st johns

An old gas station turned into a diner.

portland st johns dogs

A unique character in the street.

portland st johns dog

A man walks his Husky dog and his kid in a backpack in cold weather.

portland micro houses colorful

Micro houses.

portland brewbike5

The brewbike taking drunk people around a brewery tour in Portland.

barista coffee portland5

A pink trolley.

portland division tea house art

The art at a teahouse.

portland barbershop16

The sign outside a barbershop.

portland division coffee art

The outdoor art sign of a coffee shop.

portland barbershop7

The hair products inside the barbershop.

portland barbershop5

And the complimentary drinks inside the barbershop.

Shirtless guy getting free ice cream. Why not?

Shirtless guy getting free ice cream.

oregon brew fest portland35

The line to voodoo doughnuts.

Elvis setting up.

Elvis setting up to play.

oregon brew fest portland1

Guys wearing beer hats.

The Zombie truck. "Zombies don't like fast food"

The Zombie truck. “Zombies don’t like fast food”

Yes it is.

A quinceañera by the waterfront.

portland saturday market4

A security guy arresting Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp?


The Batmobile.

portland saturday market2

Free chalk for people to use.

portland saturday market

Tin man.

cityfair portland17


Cute metal statues in Portland, Oregon

Happy metal statues.

boys fort portland

Superheroes for sale at a shop downtown.

portland waterfront2

Eating their own poop.

But I think the prize goes to Darth Vader wearing a kilt, riding a unicycle and playing a bagpipe:

oregon brew fest portland39

And these are just things I have personally seen, I can’t imagine all the weird things that go on around.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in your town?

Update: I just found out that unicycle Darth Vader guy shoots flames from his bagpipe. True story.

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