List: Things I Miss From my USA Life Part II

List: Things I Miss From my USA Life Part II
  1. Guglhupf: my favorite bakery/cafe/restaurant back in the US.
  2. Extra sharp cheddar cheese (Cabot Extra Sharp too be specific. I seriously recommend it.)
  3. Quiet sleep.
  4. The trash trucks that pickup your trash every week. (The things we take for granted, right?)
  5. Baby spinach.
  6. Berries (strawberries/blueberries/raspberries…)
  7. Bagels and cream cheese.
  8. Having a closet.
  9. Kraft Mac & Cheese (who doesn’t love some for a quick comfort dinner every now and then?)
  10. Parmigiano-Reggiano  (I guess the secret is out: I am a cheese lover).
  11. Wine (The ability to find cheap good wine very easily).
  12. Canned tuna.
  13. Better chocolate (Cadbury is alright but I am spoiled with Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate which I could find easily in the US).
  14. A better camera (We had to give up our DSLR before coming to India, and for now, I am stuck with my phone and a used point and shoot).
  15. Our reclining sofa where we used to catch up on shows and snuggle with Simba, the best cat ever.
  16. Did I mention washer and dryer in my first list? I did, but it deserves a double mention.
  17. Same with house tenant bugs.

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