Mercado de Jamaica – A Must Visit In Mexico City Part II


In my first post about the mercado de Jamaica (Jamaica Market) in Mexico City, I showed the abundant colors of available flowers and plants in the market. But flora is not all there is in this amazing place.

You can find beautiful food too; ready to eat grilled corn and other snacks, stunning fruits and vegetables, seas of candy (traditional and otherwise), and more. Plus, all sizes of bright piñatas, incense and candles, and during Christmas time, any figure you can think of for your nativity scene. This market is very vivid and will be a tour for all your senses. Take the visual tour now:



Pretty sure this is tejocote. Amazing for ponche, stuffing piñatas and making ate, a fruit paste.


Papaya and mandarinas.

mercadojamaicamexico8 mercadojamaicamexico7

How cool would this be as a gift for a hostess?

How cool would this be as a gift for a hostess?

Coconuts! My favorite along with mangoes.



mercadojamaicamexico11 mercadojamaicamexico1

It’s like walking into a Mexican Willy Wonka factory.

INCENSE AND CANDLES – for all your rituals



mercadojamaicamexico4 mercadojamaicamexico13


This guy is getting ready some queso oaxaca (Oaxaca cheese) for us. It's creamy, stringy and delicious.

This guy is getting ready some queso oaxaca (Oaxaca cheese) for us. It’s creamy, stringy and delicious.



READY MADE STREET FOOD – In case you get hungry while shopping

mercado de jamaica mexico food mercado de jamaica mexico food3

Would you go for churros or campechanas?

Would you go for churros or campechanas?


Besides all the flowers and plants we bought, we also left with some beautiful avocados, mandarins, lettuce, limes, guavas, papaya, oaxaca cheese, walnuts, traditional coconut and tamarind candy, and a small piñata for a centerpiece. We also had some campechanas to snack on along the way.

I would love to live near this place and get my weekly produce from here.

In which section would you spend the most time?

Mercado de Jamaica Info:
Address: Guillermo Prieto 45, Jamaica, Venustiano Carranza, 15800 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico Map
Closest Metro Stations: Jamaica (Line 9 Brown) and La Viga (Line 8 Green)
Open 24hrs and 365 days a year. So if at 3am you are drunk and want to buy flowers for your date, you can.

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