Misplaced Forgiveness

Dear Thomas,

You hurt me deeply with your actions. I lost everything because of you. I was in pain for so long because of you. I do not know how a person can be capable of such evil. I fail to understand why but accept that there is a reason for it. I am soon on my way out of this life but I wanted to let you know before it’s too late that I forgive you. 

I forgive you. 



As I finish reading these handwritten words in a delicately folded letter that I found laying on the street and which had been ignored by a few as it had been clearly stepped on, all I can think of even though it might be an impossible task is that I need to find Thomas.



  1. “Soon on my way out of this life” rings a very sad bell. Canvassing the stores, buildings, near where you found it? Sound like an impossible task. Wish I could help… Wait…Wait! Print it, the whole text on an A4 format pare with biiiig bold letters and paste it on walls, telephone posts? (Leave J out?) (Bueno, allá no se puede hacer eso, vdd? pegar el anuncio en todas partes) Or ask stores to post it. Matter of life and death… Qué te parece la idea?


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