Monthly Best Of: November 2016


November. How was November? Let me try to remember… It was pretty routine. Cook, clean, work, physical therapy, shop, repeat. I did go to the movies several times, which is nice. I also attended a few parties and gatherings, which is actually not the norm in my life. There was definitely some stress from that, and some enjoyable moments. It also finally cooled down (the weather I mean), which is great. 2016 is almost over y’all. What a year huh?

See below to check out the best posts of November according to stats:

1. Exciting Things To See And Do In Morocco


2. Yes, You Really Can Travel The World on a Budget!

coffee shop travel

3. 15 Of The Most Haunted Places On Earth

haunted on earth

4. How to Deal with Social Anxiety During Travel

introvert anxiety

5. 12 Subway Stations Around The World Worth Visiting

around the world subway

6. 5 Tips to Plan the Best Trip to Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi

Emirates Palace – Image via Flickr by Gilles Messian

7. Weekly Small Pleasures #106

small pleasures

8. The Traveler’s Medicine Cabinet: Ailments To Avoid On The Road


Happy December! It came! Yay!

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