Monthly Best Of: June 2015


This month was big on food! Most of the top posts are food related with a pinch of travel. A little more than a pinch, more like a tablespoon. It was also a good month for my viewer statistics so it looks like y’all like food, maybe as much as I do.

In terms of my life, June was also big on food because I tried no kitchen experiments including canning for the first time and making corn tortillas from scratch. So good! Summer definitely hit and the heat is here. I made progress with my phyiscal side too, my biggest accomplishment being a workout that consisted of sprinting 800 meters 5 times with 2 min of rest in between each. It was a killer. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do the whole thing but I did with a total time, including rest, of 34 minutes. Yay me!

Now onto the best posts of June!

1. How To Use An Eastern Toilet   

Pick your toilet style. India.

2. A Guide To Traditional Mexican Sweets  

capultepec castle mexico city candy

3. Sweet Food Around The World 

Indian Candy food

4. Superfood Spotlight: Spirulina 

5. Savory Food Around The World

Indian street food at the Bollywood Theater restaurant, Portland, OR

6. Play Hard Give Back Trail Mix & Bars – Product Review

playhard giveback9

7. Tiny Around The World  

mexico city view

8. Watermelon, Basil and Coconut Agua Fresca Recipe

watermelon fresca2

9. Homemade Corn Tortillas Recipe  

homemade corn tortillas11

10. Grilling Methods Around The World Infographic

grill around the world

Happy July!

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