Motion Around The World

cityfair portland11

Capturing motion is fun because it can easier tell a story than a still object or person. I have captured a few moving moments across my travels. Enjoy!

india swing

An Indian woman enjoys the swing.

mpr india volleyball3

A friendly game of volleyball.

cannon beach oregon16

Running away from the waves.

portland night christmas winter1

City night action in Portland.

acapulco mexico beach10

A yellow parachute moves across the sea in Acapulco.

field farmers train

A passing train and women workers on the field, in India.

portland brewbike5

The brewcycle in motion across the city of Portland.

the dalles oregon rodeo23

Horses and cowboys at the rodeo in The Dalles.

A sugarcane juice machine in India.

Men making sugarcane juice in India.

oregon brew fest portland39

Mr. Scottish Darth Vader on a unicycle crossing the street in Downtown Portland.


Flames dancing in the dark.

the dalles or bridge dam18

A train passes under the The Dalles bridge.


A German flag being waved during the Eurocup.

cancun xel ha dolphins

Happy dolphins in Xel Ha near Cancun.

Families riding motorcycles is a common sight.

A family riding a motorcycle in India.

multnomah falls14

The moving Multnomah Falls.

A truck containing joyful Indian men.

A truck passing by containing joyful Indian men.

Which one was your favorite?


  1. I liked them all pero mi preferido es el primero. 🙂 It evoques some kind of “fairy tale feeling”. I’m glad I found your blog and I’m looking forward to continue reading about your adventures.

  2. Great photos, that’s a very interesting collection. (And oy, I remember last time I saw one of those brewcycle things, one dude had overdone the drinking part and was passed out on his seat. Luckily for him, the other people were too busy laughing to get angry about it.)


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