“My husband wear saree”

“My husband wear saree”

“my husband wear saree” is the all time #1 search people search for and arrive to my blog according to my wordpress stats.

What? Why?

This raises a lot emotions including confusion and concern.

I have not once ever posted a picture or written about my husband wearing a saree, or any husbands wearing sarees.

Why do people arrive to my blog by searching for “my husband wear saree” ?

And why are people searching for “my husband wear saree”?

And it’s not just “my husband wear saree” people search for and arrive to my blog, it is the many variations of the statement such as:

  • “first time my husband wear saree”
  • “forced to wear saree”  (forced now?)
  • “forced my husband to wear saree” (oh this one admits it.)
  • “man wearing saree pictures”
  • “my husband wears my saree”
  • “made me wear saree”
  • “i wear my sister’s saree” (that’s different.)
  • “son wearing saree” (the son too?)
  • “my girlfriend to wear me saress with makeup”
  • “my husband wearing my saree & my makeup youtube website” (now, this one was very specific, how does my blog show up to this?)
  • “man wear saree and leaved as woman life” (huh?)
  • “my husband’s elder sister stole my gold earring what do i do”

This last one is not saree related but I thought it was definitely worth mentioning and makes me even more confused. At least I mention a “saree” in my blog, but I don’t think I posted about anything related to her husband’s elder sister stealing her gold earring.

Is this some kind of light porn Indians are into? Or do people just find it hilarious? I really don’t know or understand. 

Does anyone out there have answers for me?

Okay, so I just googled “my husband wear saree” with a bit of fear of what I might encounter, and my blog is the 5th search result on the first page!

Then, I found these stories:

Last year my wife dressed me in saree for my birthday party to surprise guests. It was a surprise party for me where she invited all of my relatives, family, in-laws, and her & my friends. She said me that she want to see me as a Dulhan for fun. She prepared me all in saree with full makeup. Herself wore my suit. And then pulled me in a neighbour house where she arranged party. It was surprising for everybody to see me as a woman. Everybody enjoyed this role reversal situation by making comments and all. Many people invited us at their home in this reverse role. After that people started calling me anjali even this year on my birthday people gifted me various feminine things like saree bangles bikini etc.

Now a days females are using male dresses, so male should use female dresses. looking beautiful is a matter. If male will wear saree then definitely they will find them with a good and in a new look. do some thing diff. its a fun also….after marriage also get him u’r saree and dresses to wear at home when you both stay alone. it will be a great fun. ……. me and my husband enjoy a lot in this way…….really its a great fun….believe me……….

We both are doing same dress up at home……..like after taking bath in morning i decide what we both should wear, (my saree / kurti paijama / skirt blouse / nighty /or his barmunda t-shirt / trouser t-shirt / paint shirt). we both wear same dress as i choose for the say. in one day we both are girl, another day wife, some day we both are male.

I haven’t done extensive research, but apparently they are doing it for fun. Hmm…

And now I’m afraid I have opened up a really big door for people to arrive to my blog through these kinds of searches by actually writing about it. I guess blog traffic never hurt anyone right? Or did it?

Update: due to some of the comments I felt like I should clarify that I am really not that concerned about it, and ultimately don’t care if people search whatever to get to my blog. I just thought it was funny and interesting and yeah a tad bit perplexing. But I’m totally okay with it! It was a fun post to write.Thanks for those of you who gave me answers.

Which are some funny searches you’ve seen in your stats?
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