Nighttime Around The World

Nighttime Around The World
airport night vienna

Nighttime at the airport in Vienna.

I love then night, way better than the morning. Except for the party animals, night feels quiet and it seems to bring out inspiration and artistic ideas from the mind. Unfortunately those ideas don’t last until the next day.

Late afternoon is pretty cool too. But this post is about night and how it looks in different places around the world from Europe, to Asia and America. 

acapulco mexico beach storm

Nighttime storm in Acapulco Bay.

moon night new hampshire laconia

The moon reflects on the water at night in New Hampshire.


Nighttime s’mores in Washington.

london night1

London night.


Cat adventures at night in what used to be our backyard in India.

india gathering night

Western gathering under the night sky in India.

mexico city night

Mexico City at night.

rock werchter music festival europe belgium

The concert lights are contrasted from the night skies at the Rock Werchter music festival in Belgium.

 Which one is your favorite night shot? And which one would you pick to be part of?
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