Photos: My Day At The The Fruit and Veggie Markets

Photos: My Day At The The Fruit and Veggie Markets


Today I went to the best veggie and fruit markets in Ahmednagar. They are in separate locations.

I bought apples, papayas, oranges and coconuts at the fruit market.

The man below is whom I call the coconut man. He slices coconuts for people to drink.

fruit market


fruit market india



I love pomegranates, but I did not buy any because they are so messy when cut and I didn’t feel like attracting more flies into my home with pomegranate juice all over the kitchen counter.

At the veggie market I bought: tons of chilis, garlic, cucumbers, limes, potatoes and carrots. I learned the names in Hindi for some of these too.

veggie market


It was a rainy day.

veggie emarket

The grains and legumes.


And the women.

indian women

Below are my veggies. All of this for 90 rupees. (About $1.50 dollars)


And me with rainy-day-puffy-hair in my porch drinking fresh coconut water and view of paradise (barbed wire and all).


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