Planning The Ultimate North American Road Trip

Planning The Ultimate North American Road Trip

The US and Canada offer some of the best car journeys in the world. You can roll down the roof and enjoy the coast air, you can go on alpine treks, and you can experience the vastness of land through interstates. You can plan the ultimate North American road trip to suit your interests. Whether you enjoy the coast, the desert, or the mountains… Whether you enjoy adventure, history, glamour, gastronomy, or scenery… You can surely find it on a road trip in North America. 

Here are some examples. Go sea to sky when you drive from Vancouver and climb 2000ft to Whistler. It’s not a long drive. 120 km, and in between you can find scuba diving, waterfalls, and suspension bridges. For some wine tasting, incredible fall foliage, and lots of history, take the Blue Ridge Parkway, 469 miles (755 km) spanning Virginia and North Carolina.

And for some absolutely breathtaking scenery, take the Icefields Parkway which takes you 143 miles (230 km) across Canada through Rocky Mountains, shining glaciers, and vast woodlands. But if you prefer it a bit warmer, you’ve got Route 66, the Florida Keys, and the Pacific Coast Highway.

Check out the infographic below to read more about these road trips.

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Which one of these road trips would you love to take?

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