Portland Farmers Market

Portland Farmers Market
portland farmers market

Portland Farmers Market

Today, we went to the Portland Farmers Market downtown (my idea). When we lived in Durham, NC, the hours of the Saturday Farmers Market were 8am – noon. My question is: who wants to wake up that early on a Saturday? We certainly don’t, we like sleeping. So when I found out that the market here in Portland ended at 2pm I was happy. We left the house around 11am with still plenty of time to hang out at the market. 

When we arrived, the weather was a crisp 13C (55F), increasing over a couple hours to a sunny 18C (64F). My kind of perfect weather.

roasted chiles

Chile verde being roasted.

roasted chiles

Roasted chile verde.

Our first mission was to get some coffee and we found Spunky Monkey Coffee. Josh got a lavender latte, and I got a mocha. Then, we had lunch from Verde Cocina: Northwest farm-to-fork ingredients with a Mexican flair.  I ordered a Chorizo Quesadilla and Josh ordered a Pollo in Adobo. Both dishes came with freshly made corn tortillas and a big serving of freshly grilled veggies. My chorizo and quesadillas were super delicious, the cotija cheese they use was so flavorful. Josh said his food needed a little salt, but otherwise very good. Unfortunately, neither of us finished our food, the plates were very big. Next time, I think we will share. We ate our food at the tables while listening to a live band with a toy C3PO collecting tips.

fresh corn tortillas

Freshly made corn tortillas.


It is October, so there were lots of pumpkins around.

There is no farmers market without flowers, and there were lots in this market; very beautiful flowers that made my heart smile. I just love the bright colors and all the different styles of flowers.

flowers flowers portland farmers market

I loved the basket/barrel vegetable setup at this stand, and I think the hat added character too.

portland farmers market




Raw honey, honey soap, honeycomb, honey sticks…

rainbow chard

Rainbow Chard

We both very much enjoyed coming to this farmers market.

portland farmers market

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