Predicting What Our Life Will Look Like In 189 Days

Predicting What Our Life Will Look Like In 189 Days

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My husband and I don’t currently have a permanent home. Heck, I don’t even know if we have a home at all. We have been in Portland for about 4 months now, still at the same Airbnb with friends whom were strangers to us 4 months ago. We still have a lease at our house in India, which we don’t mind paying if we are not there since it’s just $100 a month. But that place never began to feel like home, I guess we weren’t there long enough. We have no idea what God wants us to do or go to. We are still in limbo; we are waiting for His orders. But it seems that for now, His orders are “do nothing, stay put, be patient and don’t plant roots.”

We had a talk today, my husband and I, because we really don’t know what to do and we can’t do much with not much money. We don’t know whether to settle here in Portland by finding an apartment and getting a lease, or to go somewhere else. For now, it seems God has us in the perfect position to be ready to do and go anywhere as soon as we get the “order.” It seems as if God does have a plan for us, we just don’t know what it is or when we have to act on it, but we will be ready when it’s time.

If we go and get an apartment, then we would be stuck if God wanted us to act on His plan. We would be stuck with utility bills, contracts, furniture, and possibly pets. It would be hard for us not to adopt a cat if we got a place. And it seems God doesn’t want us to be in that situation, for now at least.

God also likes to guide us through life and “control” us with money. For example, He will give us just enough to eat and pay rent but not enough to be able to get our own place (plus furniture, plus deposits) right now. He blocks financial flow whenever He doesn’t want us to go do something that is not His plan.

So we came to the conclusion that we will be patient, stay put, and wait for our next orders while He gets His plans in order and the pieces of chess exactly where He wants them and ready for us.

With that said, I wonder what our lives will look like in 189 days, an arbitrary number (that would be July 3oth, 2014).

Here are my predictions:

I don’t think we will be in this same situation. We won’t be staying in this house anymore. I think we would have gotten our next orders by then.

I’m having a really hard time predicting where we will be. It could be Portland, or India, or for all I know, Timbuktu. But I don’t predict we will be in Timbuktu.

I will finally have my permanent Permanent U.S. Residence Card (green card). That wasn’t a typo. Right now I have a conditional Permanent Residence Card, which is not permanent.  For almost 10 months now I’ve had a pending application to remove conditions. And even when they remove conditions it will become a 10 year Permanent Residence Card, not really permanent either.

My hair will be longer. Maybe an inch longer.

The curvature of my neck will be more curve as it supposed to be because I recently started exercises given by my chiropractor.

That’s all I’ve got.

Not predictions but some possible scenarios:

  1. Josh gets some kind of ambassador of India position from the U.S. government and we move to India to help the relationship between these two countries and help India open up to foreign investment as well as help with poverty, disease and over-population. But in this scenario we would still choose to live in our small town in India in our modest house, instead of the big city like Delhi.
  2. Josh gets a call from an interested investor to fund our electric rickshaw project and we move back to India to make this project possible.
  3. We stayed in Portland, have a place of our own and a cat or two and go back to doing volunteer work in the community.
  4. We stayed in Oregon, have a place of our own in the country or the forest a bit far from city civilization to live out our wish of a simple life. Animals definitely involved.
  5. We go visit India to see if our belongings are still there (instead of stolen), sort a few things out, but instead we end up staying for months. (No more than 6 given our visa conditions).

So in July 30th, I will go back to this post and see if my prediction was true or if any of the above scenarios happened. It will be very interesting to see what our lives truly look like in 190 days.

Post inspired by: Daily Prompt: PredictionsThere are 344 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211. (Hint: that’s July 30th.)

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