Reflections Around The World

london moon

The city night lights and the moon reflect on the River Thames in London.

Today I take you around the world via reflections

Josh's reflection at Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

Josh’s reflection at Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

Vienna, Austria

Statues reflect on the water in Vienna, Austria

chapultepec castle mexico city

A mirror reflection at the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City

moon night new hampshire laconia

The moonlight reflects within complete darkness in New Hampshire.

rickshaw india mirror

A mirror reflection in a rickshaw in rural India.


A reflection of us on the J58 Blackbird engine in Seattle.

train india reflection

A reflection of a woman (on the right, can you see it?) from inside the bus looking out the passing train in India.

shoe repair mexico

A reflection of a working shoe repair man in Mexico City.

Which one is your favorite?
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