Riding A Motorcycle To The Fruit Market In Rural India

fruit market india4

When we lived in India in 2013, we were about a 10 minute scooter ride to a fruit market, well, more like a big fruit stand. It took us a bit of time to have the courage to venture out on our own as we had to enter the main crazy road to get there. It became our little weekly adventure. 

Although I missed lots of foods from the Western world when we lived in India, I was very happy with the fruit choices as many of them I grew up with in Mexico such as papaya and mango, and which are extremely expensive and kind of rare in the US.

fruit market india fruit market india1fruit market india

They had a wide variety of fresh fruits including bananas, papaya, pomegranates, oranges, melon, watermelon, apples and best of all, fresh young coconut which the fruit man will cut for you right there for your enjoyment.

fresh coconut indiafruit market india5

What is the difference between young and mature coconuts?

young vs mature coconut

A young coconut is the variety that is either white or green and contains a lot of fresh coconut water but very little and moist but still yummy flesh.

A mature coconut, the brown kind, is usually smaller and has much less water but a lot more of the tasty flesh or meat.

fruit market india me

Clearly my fashion sense went through the toilet when I lived in rural India. 

Instead of plastic baskets, you can collect your fruit in stainless steel bowls.

fruit market indiafruit market india3

papaya pomegranate

Tricolor pomegranate, papaya and watermelon.

What are your favorite fruits in the world?

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