Shadows Around The World

laconia new hampshire9

My shadow in Laconia, New Hampshire. 

I love taking photos of shadows, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they make me look tall haha! But it’s also the mystery that comes with it. Shadows are often caused by sunlight and I like the balance and the poetry that it brings. There is always darkness in the light and light in the darkness. It brings out the ghosts in us, the spirit, or the soul.

As I go through my archives I found quite a bit of shadows from my travels. Enjoy!

feet vienna prater

Shadows under our feet at the Prater Fair in Vienna.

astoria oregon shadow

My shadow in Astoria, Oregon.

barista coffee portland

Hubby’s shadow nearing the Barista Coffee Shop in Portland.

the dalles oregon rodeo7

Long shadows from the bright strong sun at the Rodeo in The Dalles, Oregon.

portland division street

The colorful buildings create a shadow to walk on in Downtown Portland.

Zigzag leggings in the streets of Mexico City

Walking shadows in the streets of Mexico City

Shadows zigzag at the Museum of Flight, Seattle

Shadows zigzag at the Museum of Flight in Seattle

croquet deer island manor3

Shadows during a game of croquet.

hidden beach9

A broken human shadow at the hidden river beach.

vienna me

The vines created cool patterned shadows on the floor in Vienna, Austria.

tulip farm oregon shadows

Hubby and I at the Tulip Farm in Woodburn.

A garden at Meherazad, India

A shadowed garden at Meherazad in India

portland waterfront16

The Portland waterfront creates some nice shadows.

portland waterfront11

Fence shadows toward the marina in Portland.

Which one was your favorite?

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