Shoes And Feet Around The World

Our feet in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Our feet in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

I find that I walk a lot more while traveling. I also apparently like taking pictures of feet. I guess it’s my kind of selfie. Check out mostly mine, and other people’s feet on floors across the world.

astoria oregon shoes

Hubby’s and my feet in Astoria, OR

whistler bc canada snow2

Family feet in Whistler, Canada

the dalles oregon rodeo1

Cowboy Boot at the rodeo in The Dalles, OR

portland saltandstraw ice cream6

My feet and hubby’s foot at an ice cream shop in Portland.

feet art hockney

Hockney inspired art I made several years ago.

feet fish tank india

Two Indian men letting fish eat the skin off their feet in a mall near Pune, India.

feet josh india

Hubby’s feet in India.

feet london night

A night out in London.

feet shoe paris museum red

A giant shoe at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

feet snow durham nc

Snow stuck to my boot at the gardens in Durham, NC.

feet soccer london

Football at the park in London.

feet vienna prater

Ready for some adrenaline at Prater an amusement park in Vienna.

Zigzag leggings in the streets of Mexico City

Mom’s feet in the streets of Mexico City.

mthood oregon4

My feet at Mt. Hood, Oregon

Two Russian beers and two dirty shoes.

Two Russian beers and two dirty shoes from backpacking in Saint Petersburg.

A metal heart fence and colorful saris.

Colorful saris adorn these women’s feet in line in India.

portland barbershop8

My feet at the barbershop in Portland (waiting for hubby).

Freshly delivered containers with fresh milk in India.

The milkman’s feet delivering fresh milk in India.

shoes india

My feet and shoes in India.

portland saltandstraw ice cream floor

My feet in Portland during summer.


My feet in Portland during winter.

Is it weird that have so many photos of feet? Which one was your favorite?
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